Lumiere London 2018

Lumiere London, a free four-night light festival, will be coming to the West End for the second time in January. The 2018 edition has an expanded footprint with a programme of more than forty outdoor light installations stretching from Kingʼs Cross through Fitzrovia and the West End, to Westminster, Victoria, South Bank and Waterloo. In the West End, there will be festival installations in Oxford Circus, Regent Street, St Jamesʼs, Mayfair, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Piccadilly, Chinatown, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square.

The event will take place over four evenings from Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 January 2018 and run from 17:30 – 22.30 each night.

Produced by arts charity and creative producer Artichoke and commissioned by the Mayor of London, in 2016 the festival attracted 1.3 million visitors over four nights. We expect greater numbers in 2018, with tens of thousands of people attending each night.

It offers a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of London as a cultural destination and world city to rival all other global destinations and to bring extra footfall to local businesses at a quieter time of year.

For operational information about the event click here.
The West End’s full programme:
There will be installations in Carnaby, Chinatown London, Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, St James’s, St James’s Square, St James’s Market and Seven Dials.

In our area, there will be the following installations:

  • Shaida Origin of the World Bubble 2018 by Miguel Chevalier (France), software by Cyrille
    Henry, Oxford Circus: Suspended above the pedestrianised Oxford
    Circus, the work will respond to the movements of the viewer below, transforming from
    black and white to vivid, colour-saturated visual experiences reminiscent of op-art and
    1970s psychedelia
  • Frictions by Mader Wiermann (Germany), 103 Regent Street: This new commission
    from the architectural duocelebrates the architecture of the building through geometrics. As the piece moves on, the building itself appears to twist and buckle before returning to its original shape.
  • Voyage by Camille Gross & Leslie Epzstein (France), Hotel Café Royal, (viewed
    from Piccadilly Circus) : Voyage explores our physical journey through time and space.
    The work has a station clock at its centre, which revolves through days and years, hours
    and minutes. As the hands of the clock swing around, they mark our changing world
    through the Belle Epoque and the Industrial Revolution, to the frantic speed of our travel
    through to the present day.
  • Impulse by Lateral Office & CS Design (Canada), South Molton Street: Co-created
    by Canadian design practices, Lateral Office and CS Design, Impulse is a field of
    illuminated interactive seesaws that invite the public to find their inner-child and play in
    an urban, public space. The more they move, the more light and sound is produced, to
    create a kinetic and dynamic experience that is different for each user.
    ● Neon Bikes, Robyn Wright, Brown Hart Gardens (Upper Level): Made from neon flex
    attached to a custom-made frame, the pieces will take up the space normally filled by its
    functional counterpart. Neon Bikes encourage us to reflect on the joy of cycling: a simple
    invention that has come to offer a sustainable and indispensable way of getting around
    for millions across the globe.
    ● Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Sweden), Grosvenor Square: Inspired
    by the enthralling experience of viewing the elusive aurora borealis, Swedish artist
    Aleksandra Stratimirovic will recreate this spectacular and poetic natural light
    phenomenon in Grosvenor Square.
  • Bough 3 by Simon Corder (UK), 17-22 South Audley Street: Bough 3 is a new
    commission for Lumiere London by British artist and lighting designer, Simon Corder.
    Vivid tubes of fluorescent light will grow up the façade of this significant Mayfair building,
    climbing like ivy up the wall, over and around the ornate decorations in the brickwork,
    bathing the surrounding site in a soft blue light.
  • Illumaphonium by Michael Davis (UK), Mount Street: Activated by touch, 100
    illuminated bars make this musical sculpture sing. A multi-sensory installation with
    ever-changing patterns of light and sound.

For more information please visit Lumiere’s website.

  • January 18, 2018 - January 21, 2018
    5:30 pm - 10:30 pm