West End Resilience LIVE: Mental Wellbeing during Covid-19


  • 15 April 2020 - 15 April 2020
  • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


  • Microsoft Live Events

New West End Company is launching the West End Resilience LIVE Weekly series at 4pm every Wednesday

West End Resilience LIVE celebrates the strength, sustainability, resilience and future of the West End, bringing together businesses and employees during these unprecedented times. The series will bring a selection of inspiring speakers to offer those working remotely stimulating and engaging information and ideas, while keeping you informed about the trends and policies that will help shape the future of the West End.

Join us at our first West End Resilience LIVE, brought to you by Microsoft Live Events, and moderated by journalist and former Sky News anchor, Martin Popplewell:

West End Resilience LIVE: Mental Wellbeing during COVID-19

Our first keynote speaker is Helen Keeble, Head of HR for the Commercial Partner Team at Microsoft UK.

Helen leads Microsoft UK’s mental wellbeing strategy. As a mental health first aider herself, Helen has worked with the business to introduce approaches aimed to normalise the topic of mental health and to integrate it in to diversity and inclusion activity.

In this session, Helen will share some of Microsoft UK’s experience of how the current pandemic and associated required changes in our working lives have impacted mental wellbeing, as well as some of the challenges and approaches Microsoft is taking to support employees through this time.

We encourage you to forward this calendar invitation to any colleauges, business groups, family members or friends who may be interested in attending