Improving Air Quality in East Mayfair

Last year, New West End Company delivered a pilot sustainability project on 28 East Mayfair streets to reduce the number of commercial vehicles in the area and also improve air quality and increase levels of recycling.

It is reported that there could be as many as 50 different waste and recycling companies operating in the borough, eight of which have comprehensive operations in Westminster. In many circumstances these will be duplicating each other’s vehicle trips, thereby contributing to additional traffic and pollution. There are also a large number of logistics companies providing businesses with their supplies, therefore are similarly duplicating vehicle trips, adding to congestion and poor air quality in the West End.

By persuading businesses in East Mayfair to use one of two preferred suppliers for waste and recycling collection; and also one preferred company for business supplies, the pilot project’s aim was to reduce the number and the impact of commercial vehicles in the area.

The East Mayfair pilot was an extension and adaptation of the Bond Street pilot project. It contributed to a number of policy goals, including improving air quality, reducing carbon, increasing recycling and making it easier to reallocate finite road space to pedestrians.

The project achieved positive results. It increased the number of customers using the preferred suppliers and also reduced the number of waste and recycling vehicle collections on the two monitored streets from a total of 46 to 38 (17.4% reduction). On Savile Row and Albemarle Street respectively, this is equivalent to a 39% and a 3.6% reduction. The number of kerbside stops for parcel deliveries also fell by up to 80%.

These results are extremely encouraging and provide a basis for further works and initiatives to be put in place to address the growing issue of pollution, congestion and poor air quality in the district.

To find out more about the scheme and to see a deeper analysis of the results, click here.

Wed 12 February 2020