Introducing Your New Security & Cleansing Team

We are delighted to introduce your new Security & Operations teams for our new BID term.

This month we start the implementation of our new 5-year business plan to make the West End’s International Centre the most diverse, sustainable and inspiring place to visit and do business. As part of this plan, we aim to create clean, safe and healthy streets to reflect the West End’s status as an International Centre for retail and leisure through an impactful district place management plan and effective partnerships. Our partners are:

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Westminster City Council
  • Safer Business Network
  • West End Security Group

Our new enhanced services will:

  • Provide an enhanced number of dedicated day and night-time security officers working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service and Westminster city Council to deter and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Introduce a Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) with capabilities to produce threat assessment reports detailing West End risks which might impact our members
  • Support projects which align with Westminster City Council’s outreach programme for vulnerable members of our street community
  • Expand our Street Cleaning Services to include members’ own external property ensuring higher standards of cleanliness across our district, responding within 30 minutes to every request
  • Deliver deep cleaning programmes every night across the district, and provide a full deep clean of Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street once every quarter, per annum
  • Work with members and partners to reduce waste and increase recycling rates across our district
  • Launch a Member Code of Conduct in the first year of the new term to encourage all members to take ownership of the cleansing of public areas across our district

To contribute to a greener West End, we are excited to announce that our our overnight dog patrol fleet will be fully electric, using state of the art Nissan zero emission technology.


  • Following member feedback, we have combined day and night security under one service to enhance operational efficiency
  • We have a dedicated intelligence analyst able to spot emerging risks/threats to your business 
  • Bespoke insights on crime trends in your immediate area will be available on request 


  • New electric fleet of machines enabling washing and deep cleansing of pavement areas
  • New services in the Berkley Square and Hanover Square areas
  • Increased services to support the Oxford Street District Transformation programme
  • The West End will be an innovation hub – where new cleansing technology will be trialled in partnership with Veolia and Westminster City Council 

We are pleased to introduce our new teams. They will be patrolling the district every day and are available to assist via the usual channels.


New West End Security can be reached directly on 07900738810 or or through your radio on Channel 1

In an emergency please call 999 for non-emergency 101


New West End Cleansing team can be reached directly on 07920 086 324 or and they will respond within 30 minutes.
Mon 12 April 2021