Making the West End China Ready

Our international customers account for a large proportion of visitors to the West End, and it is important that retailers are equipped to offer consumers from around the globe with an accessible and seamless experience. This shouldn’t just be limited to the stores however, and we work hard to ensure that the whole of the West End is welcoming and accessible to tourists, workers and residents alike.

With Chinese visitors being one of the most significant spenders in the West End, we have been working in partnership with EuroPass, the European leader of Chinese digital payment solutions, to ensure the West End is China Ready for this important market. This month, we hosted two events at The Westbury Hotel, where we looked at the importance of Chinese mobile payment capabilities, including AliPay and WeChat Pay systems, and how to implement them in-store.

Together with EuroPass, we have launched a new West End & Mayfair WeChat mini-programme. Designed to benefit both retailers and consumers, this programme gives the West End and our members the opportunity for increased exposure throughout China, as well as making Chinese tourists’ visits to the West End as seamless as possible. The programme also features recommended stores for tourists to visit, as well as promotions and street maps.

If you are interested in joining the programme, or for more information, please contact Katie Thomas.

Thu 27 June 2019