Mayoral Election & What It Means For The West End

The elections for London Mayor and the 25 members of the Greater London Assembly, the body that scrutinises the Mayor, were held on 6 May 2021 having been postponed for a year due to COVID-19.

Mayoral Result

  • Sadiq Khan 55.2% (-1.6%)
  • Shaun Bailey 44.8% (+1.6%)

Greater London Assembly Result

  • Labour 11 seats (-1)
  • Conservative 9 seats (+1)
  • Green 3 seats (+1)
  • Liberal Democrat 2 seats (+1)
  • UKIP 0 seats (-2)

This represents a 1.9% London-wide swing from Labour to Conservative.

In the West Central Ward (which includes the West End) Tony Devenish (Conservative) retained the seat with 55,163 votes over Labour’s 52,938 votes. The Conservatives gained 37% of the West Central vote compared with 44% in 2016.

Mayor Khan & The West End

New West End Company met all of the main mayoral candidates during the election. Sadiq Khan attended a New West End Company Board meeting where he restated his support for the West End as a major contributor to London’s economy and future success.

Endorsing New West End Company’s 2021 Business Plan, Sadiq Khan said: “I’ll continue to be an ambassador, advocate and champion for New West End Company, because I recognise the massive contribution you make to making London the greatest city in the world.”

Sadiq Khan’s top ten Manifesto commitments include a Global London promise of “reviving central London, supporting our hospitality, night-time, retail, culture and creative sectors to recover from the pandemic and ensuring London continues to attract investment, trade and visitors from across the world”.

He also committed to:

  • A Green New Deal with cleaner air, improved open spaces, green jobs and tackling climate change at its heart
  • Continuing to invest in public transport to ensure it is safe, affordable and reliable, keeping fares as low as possible, working to put TfL on a sound, sustainable financial footing after the pandemic, and supporting a revolution in walking and cycling
  • Continuing to invest in the police to keep our streets safe, fighting for Government funding and for more police officers across London 

New West End Company will continue to develop the strong and constructive relationships that we have built with the Mayor and his team, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police as we work to deliver our shared vision of making the West End’s International Centre the most diverse, sustainable and inspiring place to visit and do business.

Let’s Do London Campaign

Today, the Mayor launches Let’s Do London, a new year-long campaign bringing together London’s leading hospitality, culture and retail organisations to attract Londoners and visitors from across the UK back to the capital and support jobs. The Mayor has allocated at least £6 million to directly support the new campaign. It will include a major advertising push supported by TfL, alongside new content on the Visit London website outlining all the campaign has to offer to Londoners and visitors to the capital.

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Commenting on the campaign, Chief Executive Jace Tyrrell said: “With international travel still uncertain and domestic lockdown restrictions lifting further over this month and next, London and UK visitors will be able to enjoy the very best of the capital, without all the overseas tourists, with its truly remarkable retail, leisure, hospitality and cultural offering – a summer like no other.”

“The Let’s Do London campaigns celebrates London as a destination in itself and will help attract our much missed customers to the capital. In the West End alone, we are home to utterly brilliant hotels, galleries, flagship stores, Christmas light displays and art installations; so our big, bold unambiguous ask is come and support the West End as one in ten Londoners jobs depend on it.

Mon 10 May 2021