Au Revoir

Jace Tyrrell

Chief Executive

Today marks the end of my final week at New West End Company, and indeed my last in the UK for a while.

It has been remarkable to think just how fast these past two decades have flown by and how much has changed in London’s West End during my time here.

Indeed these final few years alone have been marked by exceptional change – a pandemic swept the globe, the first ever Labour administration for Westminster City Council came to power, and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest.

When I look back to when I first joined Helen Robinson – our inaugural Chief Executive – 20 years ago and was tasked with convincing 300 West End businesses to back our BID (a very new concept to the UK then), I could not have anticipated the magnitude of change that was to come and the complexities of managing what grew to be over 600 businesses across our District. The politics alone – five Prime Ministers, three Mayor’s & six Leaders of the City Council – all of various political persuasions and convictions – has certainly been a journey not only for me, but for our District.



I’ve been fortunate to celebrate and champion, with our partners and team, a number of key milestones here in London’s West End - from award-winning public realm projects including the transformation of Bond Street, Burlington Gardens and Hanover Square, and kickstarting the long-awaited regeneration of Oxford Street, to launching a world- first insights programme and creating spectacular displays, concerts and lights for our customers to experience.

I know that the work done by New West End Company and you, our members and partners, has given our District a solid foundation and a platform for future sustainable growth. The launch of our Road To Zero Action Plan, spearheaded by our interim CEO Dee Corsi, will lead the industry. Our tireless advocacy efforts will also ensure that we are in the best position to grow and thrive as we continue to experience and recover from national and global events.

So with that in mind, I want to share a final thanks. First to the awe-inspiring  team at New West End Company. We’ve grown from a team of four to twenty-four with a mandate of 99.5% and it has been this team of New Westenders who have made this role the most rewarding of my career to date.

As a team we have achieved great things – from changing the physical landscape of London and writing front page news, to shaping Government decisions at a national level and negotiating city-wide crises – and I know that this brilliant team, under the Board’s and Dee’s leadership, will continue to deliver for you, our members and partners, at the highest level.

Secondly, to all of our partners and members – here in the West End and further afield – it has been a great honour to work with such inspiring businesses and community leaders. New West End Company has given me the opportunity to be part of a myriad of industries, companies, trade and local neighbourhood bodies and through you I have learnt an incredible amount, personally and professionally.

So, it has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve and support all of you and your businesses across the West End these past two decades.

I wish you all nothing but continued success and happiness in work and in life.

Please do keep in touch and if you ever find yourself down under in Sydney, I would be thrilled to welcome you to the world’s best waterfront in the greatest harbour City!

Yours ever in partnership