New West End Company Budget 2020 Response

Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive of New West End Company which represents 600 retailers and businesses across London’s West End commented:

“While we welcome the Chancellor’s support for the wider retail community, the temporary rates relief announced today will not help the West End’s retailers bounce back from the challenges of Covid-19. These businesses are the heart of retail in the UK, and their health is directly linked to the state of our economy. We would urge the Chancellor to widen his scope for rate relief and help the UK’s most significant shopping district survive and thrive in such a difficult time. We would also urge the Government to go further and add International Centres, such as London’s West End, to the list of areas exempted from the Sunday Trading Act. A quarter of shoppers are international travellers, often on short breaks, and allowing them to shop after 18.00 on Sundays would generate up to £260 million in extra sales each year for UK retailers. In the longer term, we also believe there is a strong case to permanently rebalance business taxes to reflect an increasingly digital economy.”

Wed 11 March 2020