Our Inaugural West End Retail and Leisure Summit

On 12 Septemer, we hosted our inaugural West End Retail and Leisure Summit at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square. The theme this year was “Empowering West End Businesses”, and we had a jam-packed morning of inspiring speakers to do just this.

The first half of the event gave an overview of of the services that we offer our members, including a talk Paul Lorraine, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Longchamp, who spoke how our Occupier Steering Group helps shape the retail and leisure landscape of the West End. Superintendent Andy Brittain from the Metropolitan Police informed delegates on the processes of police and security action during protests. It is extremely important that those who work in our stores are engaged and aware of the actions of the police, and how to work closely with the MPS to ensure that the West End stays safe and secure.

We were also fortunate to hear from Derrick Hardman, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Global Blue, who gave a West End international customer outlook, and Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends, who gave a dynamic overview of the importance of customer centricity, and how retailers, hotels and restaurants can adapt and alter strategies to ensure that this is at the heart of their business, from boardroom to the frontlines.

We strive to keep our members as informed as possible, especially about any operations, programmes and campaigns that will directly impact their store, hotel or restaurant. Thats why we hosted three breakout sessions in the afternoon, where delegates split into their areas; Bond Street & Mayfair, Oxford Street and Regent Street, where they gained insight into street specific activity, including Christmas marketing and operational updates, the opportunity to give feedback on our street management services, and also to hear exclusive, first-look street specific data from our upcoming PwC programme.

We are extremely grateful to all our members who helped make this event such a success and we look forward to seeing you all, and some new faces, again next year.

If you have any queries about the event, or any of the content covered, please click here to head to the relevent street for your store, restaurant or hotel to get in touch.

Wed 18 September 2019