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Our top goal is to return our district to a £10 billion annual turnover by 2025

  • Elizabeth Line fully open and operating
  • £150 million Oxford Street District Transformation Complete
  • Flexible approach to planning, licensing and development in our ‘International Centre’
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Zero emission traffic zone
  • Digitally enabled ‘Smart’ district

Our focus will be to push for speedier delivery of key projects and policy reforms that require Government and Partners’ support. This will deliver a higher return for members in a shorter period.

Since summer 2019, New West End Company has met and spoken to over 300 retail, hotel, restaurant and property owner businesses across our district to develop and set the priorities for our renewal business proposal for 2021 – 2026

Since summer 2020 we have evolved our plans based on the West End responding to a post-COVID and post-Brexit trading environment.

Click here to read our summary of consultation – Occupier BID
Click here to read our summary of consultation – Property BID

A significant proportion of West End businesses are long-term holders of assets and businesses and they want a strategic approach that is aligned for sustainable success with social and commercial returns benefitting both owners and occupiers in the area.

As well as responding to the recovery and repurposed needs of the West End, the BID will also focus on several long-term strategic goals along with responding to tactical day-to-day requirements of members.

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