Our 2021-2026 Business Strategy

Our Strategy

Over the next five years, we will be working with our members and partners to deliver further transformation and services to the West End. Our immediate aim over the next two years is to return the West End’s International Centre to 2019 levels of sustainable economic performance. Our plan will be delivered through our three core pillars:

  • Customer Experience: Our customers will benefit from excellence and convenience when they visit, with streets that are clean, safe and healthy with seamless digital and physical interactions.
  • Campaigning: We will lead campaigns and initiatives that support economic, environmental and social progress.
  • Insights & innovation: We will deliver cutting-edge data and insights around social, environmental and economic impact for our members that will allow them to make better informed, and more responsive, businesses.


Annual Delivery

Our achievements over the past decade have shown that we are a catalyst for transformation and delivering a return for West End businesses. Our work has lead to an additional £60 million investment in the area.

View our Annual Business Plans to see how we plan to support this transformation and deliver a new West End.