Beyond Brexit

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Earlier this month, we hosted a Brexit webinar in partnership with PwC. Firstly we looked at the number of different possible scenarios in regards to leaving the EU, from no deal to extensions and alternative deal possibilities, highlighting how each scenario may impact different aspects of your businesses, and how a no deal would require a comprehensive contingency response in terms of governamce, strategy planning, and regulation.

With the retail and leisure sector in mind, the main focus of discussion was on immigration, customs and international trade. We took a deep dive into the legal position regarding EU Citizens in the UK and UK Citizens in the EU post Brexit and what businesses should be doing now to prepare for the changes, including developing support strategies for impacted employees, and analysing potential costs of the future immigration system, identifying which business units will be impacted most.

In terms of customs and international trade, PwC gave a comprehensive update on the current situation, and the main impacts that Brexit will have on the sector, including timing delays and import duties and the costs these will incur.

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Mon 14 October 2019