Who We Are

Delivering for our members, driving forward London’s West End & Mayfair

We work daily to drive forward the business performance of our members across the West End & Mayfair.

Working alongside the public sector and business partners, we represent, promote and deliver a range of programmes and campaigns supporting business and the wider West End community.

As a catalyst for change, we provide trading insights, help drive footfall and sales along with securing funding and investment opportunities to maintain the area’s position as the world’s top retail and leisure destination.

We deliver sustainable street management to 74 streets and over 600 UK & international businesses to ensure a world-class experience for our members and their customers.

Working with our businesses and partners, We were set up by businesses in the West End to achieve what could not be accomplished by one business or one organisation alone. We know we are better together, for good.

Our shared vision: To make the West End’s International Centre the most diverse, sustainable and inspiring place to visit and do business.

Our mission: To create value for all our members, supporting sustainable growth.

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Our immediate priority is to rebuild West End customer demand; local and global, and support the recapitalisation of businesses

  1. Our customers will benefit from excellence and convenience with very visit, with streets that are clean, safe and healthy with seamless digital and physical interactions and services.

  2. We will lead campaigns and initiatives that support economic, environmental and social progress leveraging our International Centre status.

  3. We will deliver cutting edge data and insights around social, environmental and economic impact for our members that allow them to make better informed, and more responsive business decisions.

  4. To evidence our impact over time through increased spend and enhanced values

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