Clean Power: The Importance of Sustainable Initiatives & Customer Awareness

Will Dyson

Head of Sustainability & Urban Infrastructure

As Head of Sustainability at New West End Company, and its my role to ensure that we, as a district are doing all we can to develop, practise and promote a sustainable future.

I first saw the vision for the Clean Power campaign when I was up at COP26 in November last year, and it became clear through Morag’s vision, the impact that vibrant, positive and visual messaging can have, and that through art, we can reach the public to amplify the message and help visitors, shoppers and businesses find out how they can play their part in creating a more sustainable world.

Not only does the incredible installation stand bright and bold above Oxford Street, home to a multitude of world-famous brands and businesses, but it also helps spread an important message to encourage action on the transition to a low carbon future and make a real change.

So why here? Why in London’s West End? Well, businesses across our district represent key sectors that all have a critical role to play in the transition to a sustainable future and as a world-renowned international centre, we have a responsibility to lead the way.

Last year, we at New West End Company launched our Road To Zero Sustainability Action Plan to help support and advocate businesses on their journey to net zero. By focussing on our overall path to net zero carbon, sustainable customer experiences and improved air quality we are confident that we will achieve our overall ambition for the West End to be the leading global destination for sustainable retail, leisure, dining and the built environment.

So with that in mind, Togetherband’s Clean Power campaign encapsulates this work and showcases the West End as a leader in sustainable thinking. The creative goes beyond business jargon, metrics, announcements and targets and helps engage directly with our customers and visitors in an inspiring and visual way.

We hope you will help spread the word and support the campaign, enjoying the flags for the next four weeks, sharing on social, and raising awareness for everyone to actively get engaged in the fight against climate change.