Daily Mail: Retail boss lashes out at criticism of Oxford Street

Speaking with the Daily Mail, New West End Company Chief Executive, Dee Corsi, countered the damaging Oxford Street narrative which has been obscuring the exciting transformation taking place on the street.
Like high streets across the nation, Oxford Street has been dealing with vacant units, a national cost-of-living crisis and, more recently, social media coordinated disruption.
But Corsi makes the point that conflating these issues with the overall desirability of the street is misleading. In reality, there is a radical reimaging taking place, powered by the arrival of new retailers, hospitality and leisure providers, and complemented by the delivery of an ambitious £90m public realm enhancement programme.

“Oxford Street is unique in setting the tone for high streets across the U.K. And its ability to convene the very best that global brands to offer is the reason for its enduring appeal.”

Dee Corsi, Chief Executive of New West End Company