Dee Corsi: Brands investing in Britain deserve London at its best

The West End continues to benefit from businesses putting their confidence in it as a world-leading retail and leisure destination. British icon Burberry recently opened its global flagship on New Bond Street, with a captivating store design reflective of the elevated shopping experience visitors expect from the district.

Despite this, the ‘tourist tax’ is still acting as a handbrake on growth.

"With business doing all it can to safeguard the future of the West End, it is now critical the Government removes remaining barriers to growth. The “tourist tax” puts British High Streets at a 20% price disadvantage when compared with our European neighbours — creating an unlevel playing field and undermining investment in the country.

"Business has been told that the Government is firmly on its side, but the reticence to reconsider tax-free shopping is creating an uncompetitive environment for growth that we cannot afford to maintain."

Chief Executive of the New West End Company, Dee Corsi, writes in the Evening Standard about why the government must match business’ confidence in the U.K. and make us a truly competitive market once more.

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