CEO Update: Our West End Road To Zero Action Plan

Jace Tyrrell

Jace Tyrrell

Chief Executive

Globally, we face unparalleled challenges due to the climate and ecological emergency and the need to take action to limit global warming to 1.5°C has never been greater. 

It is critical that we all act now to preserve and restore biodiverse habitats and halt the irreparable damage to our natural world caused by the production, transportation, and disposal of the goods and services we consume.

Businesses in London’s West End represent key sectors that all have a critical role to play in the transition to a sustainable future and as a world-renowned international centre, we have a responsibility to lead the way.

New West End Company is taking a key leadership role in our District’s journey toward being a more sustainable district. Convening and campaigning through public-private sector partnerships to implement activities that have the greatest contribution to our overall goal of becoming a net zero carbon destination is a key priority and is embedded within all that we deliver for our member businesses.

Our Road to Zero Sustainability Action Plan has been developed in partnership with our members and partners across London’s West End and encapsulates the work that we as a District need to deliver to ensure that we achieve our overall ambition for the West End to be the leading global destination for sustainable retail, leisure, dining and the built environment.