Women of the West End

To mark International Woman’s Day, this week we wanted to shine a light on our female security & cleansing team members. These ladies certainly show us how it is done in keeping the West End clean, safe and healthy!

We highlighted the excellent work of Anna Mina our wonderful Security Supervisor who has been with New West End Company for 2 years, Natalia Nogues-cosentini who has been working as our Cleansing Operations Manager for 3 years, Nitu Kashap our FGH Security Account Manager who has been supporting our fabulous security team for just over 6 months and Svitlana Stefak who has been part of our fantastic FGH Security team for 2 years.

Thank you to all our wonderful colleagues for everything you do to keep our streets safe and our members supported.

Anna Mina (Left), Nitu Kashap (Middle), Svitlana Stefak (Right)

"I very much enjoy the diverse work and experiences that the West End gives me. It allows me to constantly learn and improve my people skills on a daily basis, keeping the streets safe and secure"

Anna Mina, NWEC Security Supervisor

“Telling my family and friends that my work contributes to the environment of the best city in the world is a source of great pride for me. I am dedicated to ensuring that the West End is clean and safe for all visitors, residents and workers.”

Natalia Nogues-cosentini, NWEC Cleansing Operations Manager

Natalia Nogues-cosentini, NWEC Cleansing Operations Manager

"Working in the West End allows me to interact with a range of different people in an exciting, fast-paced environment. Every day is different as we work hard to keep the area safe for our visitors."

Nitu Kashap, FGH Security - NWEC Account Manager

“The best part of working in the West End is the people that come to the area, my brilliant team and working in one of the busiest districts in London.”

Svitlana Stefak, NWEC Security Officer