West End Road To Zero


Globally, we face unparalleled challenges due to the climate and ecological emergency. The need to take action to limit global warming to 1.5°C has never been greater. It is critical that we all act now to preserve and restore biodiverse habitats and halt the irreparable damage to our natural world caused by the production, transportation, and disposal of the goods and services we consume.

Our Manifesto To Our Members:

Since Summer 2019, as we were preparing our business plan for our 2021-26 term, we spoke with over 300 retail, hotel, restaurant and property owner businesses across our District to develop and set our shared priorities for the next five years.

From these conversations, you told us that you wanted New West End Company to strive to create a truly sustainable district of international recognition across economic, social and environmental programmes, supporting Westminster City Council in its aim of achieving a net carbon neutral city by 2040.

Two years later, we are pleased to make this promise a reality. Our Road to Zero Sustainability Action Plan has been created with you and for you, with the aim to reduce the environmental impacts of our businesses and consumers with our overall goal of becoming one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable International Centres. The plan focusses on three key areas, harnessed by the One Planet Living framework: path to net zero carbon, improved air quality and sustainable customer experiences.

Our commitment to you, our members and partners is that we will deliver on our ambitions to:

  • Advocate and support our district and members to get to Net Zero Carbon by 2040[1].
  • Seek a sustainable retail, leisure and dining experience for all residents, employees and visitors.
  • Work with partners to deliver improved air quality that is better than legal standards.

We will measure the success of these ambitions through our headline targets:

  • By 2026, 66% of our members (by rateable value) will be signed up to Westminster City Council and Westminster Property Association’s Sustainable City Charter, which will be launched in 2022.
  • By 2026, the West End will be clearly recognised by all key audiences as a sustainable district, reflected in visitor satisfaction survey responses.
  • Working with our partners, we will support the delivery of a Zero Emission Transport Zone in the West End by 2026.

Our strategy also aligns with and supports strategies of the UK Government through the Climate Change Committee, The Greater London Authority & Westminster City Council’s Climate Action plan to ensure that as a city, we all work together to take action to address climate change.

Read on to download our Road To Zero Action Plan or explore resources for your sector

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