One Planet Living Framework®

New West End Company has adopted the One Planet Living ® framework as the basis and structure for our Road To Zero Action Plan. The charity and social enterprise Bioregional created the One Planet Living framework in 2003 comprising 10 simple principles and detailed goals and guidance.

Backed by science and many years of hands-on experience, One Planet Living is a highly flexible framework that is helping people around the world to achieve their vision of a more sustainable future.

The framework provides guidance on how we can live within the planet’s limits but also crucially on how we can live well. The principle of health and happiness is key to One Planet Living.

One Planet Living puts people first – it’s grounded in the reality of how we all live our lives – the homes we live in and the food we eat, how we travel and the things we buy.

The below outlines how we will adhere to the 10 principles of One Planet Living, which form the foundation of our Road To Zero Action Plan and encapsulate our vision for London's West End. 

The below outlines the ambitions for New West End Company’s own operations:

New West End Company will achieve Net Zero Carbon By 2040 across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (By 2030 we will have reduced our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 90% and scope 3 by 50%)

Sustainable Procurement

From 2022 we will have embedded a sustainable procurement policy to ensure all of the products and services we purchase are as low impact as possible

Street Operations

From 2022 all New West End Company will operate a fully electric zero emission street operation vehicle fleet

Renewable Energy

By 2026 we will endeavour to use 100% renewable energy to power all of our infrastructure including Christmas lights and footfall sensors

Zero Emissions

By 2026 we will ensure that all of our own direct use of couriers, freight/waste and employee travel are zero emissions