Management & Security

It is essential that the quality, cleanliness and safety of the West End matches up to its world-leading retail and leisure mix, so that visitors don’t just benefit from the best shopping but also the best experience.

We provide the following street management services for members and customers to ensure that the West End is a clean, safe and welcoming place to visit.

Clean Team

A world-class destination needs world-class cleanliness and public realm. In addition to the services provided by the local authority, our clean team works tirelessly to make the West End a more pleasant environment to visit, shop and spend time.

In 2020 our Clean Team responded to 16,772 cleaning requests. To ensure the cleanliness of our district there are 28 hand sanitisation points are available across the district.

We have now increased the capacity of our team to 16 operatives, working seven days a week on a 24hr schedule. The team are directly available on 0792 0086 324 or on the email operating on a 30 minute reactive response. Out of hours contact via phone only. Email Mon – Fri  7am to 3pm.

We also have an Environmental Ops manager who checks the condition of the streets across the entire BID area and reports any issues to Westminster City Council. please contact for any escalation.

Click here to view the West End Waste Code of Conduct for guidance on keeping our streets clean and tidy.

Security Team

We’re committed to keeping the West End a safe and secure place for visitors and for retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs.

Our Street Security Team diligently monitors the neighbourhood. The team has a constant presence on our streets. They are in direct radio communication with members and the Police to deal with any issues or concerns swiftly.

Last year our Security Team dealt with over 1,000 anti-social behaviour incidents including beggars and rough sleeping.

For more information on our security services and training available for members visit our Security page.

Contact the security team on 07900 738 810 or email

Improving air quality

Reducing traffic and improving air quality are major priorities for the West End to make it a safer and cleaner environment for visitors, employees and residents.

In April 2019, following a successful waste consolidation pilot on Bond Street, which led to a 95% reduction in waste vehicles, New West End Company launched a preferred supplier scheme for members, aiming to reduce vehicles in the West End and save businesses money. We have selected three suppliers that can provide waste and recycling collection and business supply services. The more companies that use the same suppliers means fewer vehicles in our district and better air quality for all.

To find out more about the scheme, download our brochure here.

For further details on improving air quality in the West End, please contact


Helping the Homeless

We support Westminster City Council and a number of Outreach organisations in the work they do to help thousands of homeless people in London a year recover from the trauma of homelessness.

For more information, please contact James Lawley Barrett on