Consultation: Oxford Street Programme & Regent Street

There are currently two consultation programmes underway in the district, which both aim to shape the future of the West End in dialogue with residents, workers and visitors.

Following the launch of the proposed designs in June, the Oxford Street Programme is now in its consultation phase. This will allow those who live, work and visit the area to share their thoughts on the programme to better understand your priorities for the nation’s high street. Proposed traffic management changes that can impact parking, increased greenery for a sustainable environment are just some of projects Westminster City Council want to hear your opinions on. The consultation period runs until 31 August and more information and feedback on the proposal can be shared by clicking the button below.

The second consultation, looking at Regent Street, is being run by Westminster City Council in partnership with The Crown Estate and aims to develop a long-term vision for the design of the public space along and around Regent Street. Westminster City Council and The Crown Estate want to understand what your priorities are for Regent Street. What changes would you like to see in the future? If you haven’t visited for a while, what would bring you there? There are a few ways you can get involved, including joining a workshop where you can discuss your views in person. This consultation runs until 30 August and more information and feedback on the consultation can be found by clicking the button below.


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